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Specializing in colonics, natural detox, weight loss, and cellulite reduction

Anti-Aging Therapies of AZ is a holistic health center offering colon hydro therapy, detoxification, Cellulite body wraps, massage and weight loss programs in Phoenix, AZ. Detox your body, reduce the heavy metals in your system, improve your nutrition and enjoy increased health and beauty!

Anti Aging Therapies of Arizona

We have more than 20 years of experience in holistic nutrition and detox therapies. Our therapists are doctor recommended, licensed and certified in the state of Arizona.  Anti-Aging Therapies of AZ’s focus is on your individual needs and goals to deliver customized programs just for you.

Anti-Aging Therapies of AZ is proud to offer our Body Contour Cellulite reducing program using M’Lis products.

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