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Anti-Aging Therapies of AZ provides effective naturopathic and detoxification therapies in Phoenix, Arizona. Enjoy vibrant health and look great with our safe and natural treatments.


  • Colonic♦- $65                       ♦-Probiotics and coffee are $5 extra
  • Colonic♦ – Series of 3 – $180 (three colonics without additives)
  • Colonic♦ – Series of 6 – $325 (Series of six colonics w/o additives)
  • Detox Foot Bath – $25    Refresh and relax with an ionic detox foot bath, which helps to remove toxins from the body


  • Cellulite Wrap – $75
    This wrap will reduce cellulite, moisturize, increase collagen, lift and tone sagging skin and help you to lose inches on your waistline, hips, thighs, calves and upper arms. We use an all natural cellulite cream from M’Lis.  Best results utilizing a series of 6 wraps, 2 per week
  • M’Lis Maintain Anti-Cellulite Lotion $25
  • Check our additional services and prices on our scheduling page or call us  623-451-0416 for more info


  • Raindrop  (Essential Oils) Massage – $85
  • Massage with antibacterial essential oils dropped along the spinal muscles and feet. Great therapy to enhance the immune system and individuals with scoliosis.
  • Manual  Lymphatic Drainage – $70
    Slow, deep massage of the abdomen and  lymphatic channels to enhance lymphatic flow.
  • Therapeutic Massage – $65
  • Reflexology – $45
    Pressure point massage on hands and feet in relationship to organ systems of the body.
  • Essential Oils and Diffusers.  Call for prices


  •  30 minute session  $40


  •  Nutrition Consultation
  • 10 Day Celebrity Transformation program
  • Athlete’s Transformation program
  • Supplement Pickup
    We will order hard-to-find supplements for you. Call for details.
  • Purium


Affordable solutions for a healthy, balanced lifestyle

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